Nuncio does (his) homework!

Sister Pascaline Lehnert’s testimony,
Pope’s housekeeper since 1923 until his death.

1936 PORTRAIT OF CARDINAL EUGENIO PACELLI, WHO BECAME POPE PIUS XIINuncio Pacelli, in Germany, used to walk through the countryside often and liked to spend time talking with people he met. Often children who met him asked: “What did you bring me?”. And Pacelli was very pleased to give them fruits, sweetes and bread he had brought with him. He once said to a child: “What do you do all day closer to your cows?” And he answered: “You are so stupid not to understand that I guard the cows? And you, what do you do? Couldn’t you do my homework? “. And so the Nuncio stopped there and so patiently did some arithmetic operations.

(Positio, p. 113)

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