A priest in Buenos Aires

Sister Pascaline Lehnert’s testimony,
Pope’s housekeeper since 1923 until his death.

PioXII_39_ok copiaSo, as Legate Cardinal, Eugenio Pacelli went – for Pope Pius XI’ s term – to the Eucharistic Congress in Buenos Aires, it happened that the Cardinal, tired of honors and ovations given to him, left the house through a back door dressed up as a simple priest and not knowing the city, he ended up in a very poor neighborhood.
He was recognized and was immediately surrounded by many people, with whom he began to talk very familiarly. Before the police could become aware of that and could intervene, the Legate was already a friend of the poor people and was calling them on to go to adore Jesus in the Eucharist.

(Positio, p. 119)

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